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To prove to Robert Jordan, the owner, that their turnover and profit figures are better than those of Tangent Technologies Inc. BioTech develops biomechanical implants that enhance the abilities of human beings immensely (such as sharpened senses, greater strength, etc.) and also produces general medical and biological high-tech equipment.


Founded in 2638. Initially the young enterprise profited immensely from the boom in biotechnical research initiated by the construction of the intergalactic generation starship 'Avenger', but later the company concentrated on communication technology. In 2658 a highly profitable division for high-tech weapons under the code name Tangent was founded. In 2691 Robert Jordan, son of one of the founders, became the owner-manager and profited immensely from the tense political situation in Neocron. In 2746, the profitable former arms division Tangent splits off to become an independent company (Tangent Technologies Inc.). Seymour Jordan, Robert's younger son was given the task of heading up the remaining company, BioTech Industries. In 2750 BioTech Industries signs a cooperation agreement with ProtoPharm for the joint development of medicaments and materials that enable a new generation of implants.