Black Dragon

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Money The Clan controls almost the entire illegal drug market in Neocron. Furthermore, it is very actively involved in the real estate business controlling apartments and carrying out more or less violent 'dispossessions'. It does not flinch from eliminating unwanted tenants, either. The Black Dragon Clan is based in Pepper Park. Expansion into the prostitution business is planned.


In 2680, in the seething swamp of crime, the two criminals Nico 'Furry' Manecci and Jerry 'Dragon' Tosca merged their small and rather unimportant organizations to become the Black Dragon Clan. Soon, Nico Manecci's incompetence made it easy for Jerry to grab control of the drug empire for himself. In 2710 the young Max Trond joined the organization and drew attention to himself with his determination and cold-bloodedness. When Jerry Tosca fell victim to an attack by a STORM-Bot run amok in 2727, Maximillian Trond became his successor. In 2741 the organization profited cleverly from market turbulences following the discovery of Irata III and became the owner of entire streets and city districts. In 2750 Trond is still trying to expand into the business areas of the Tsunami Syndicate which often leads to conflict. Open war seems to be merely a question of time.