Brotherhood of Crahn

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Brotherhood of Crahn HQ in Pepper Park SEC-3


The adjustment of the human race to changing environmental factors, the repopulation of the Earth, and the development of a human race that corresponds to these guidelines; Extension of their religious cult. The sect of the Psi-Monks produces Psi-utensils which are distributed via the Yakarma Stores in Neocron. The monks reside in an ancient abbey (and in the extensive subterranean complex of laboratories beneath it, or so rumors say) in the outer district of the Outzone. They also own a smaller estate in Pepper Park. Some say that they strive for domination over Neocron. The sect is also rumored to have built up a powerful private information service and to be prepared to sell information for money to just about anyone who can offer enough.


In 2558 the overthrown and banished Crahn and his bodyguards founded the Order of Crahn. They lay the foundation stone for a secret headquarters under the ruins of a deserted abbey, in which they mainly researched psi-enforced implants and explored new psi-applications. After the Psi-Monks seized power in Neocron in 2611, many members of the Order returned to the city. The intensive research activities in the abbey were continued by a minimal crew. In 2693 rumors circulated of genetically engineered specimens that had escaped the laboratories. Three years later strangely misshaped spider-people haunted the Wastelands. In 2715 Neopha developed into a brilliant and energetic strategist. That year, he was appointed archbishop and consequently leader of Neocron. Nine years later the government of the Psi-Monks was overthrown. Neopha Kansil and his followers fled back to the Crahn Abbey. In 2728 the dictator Lioon Reza relaxed the banishment of the Psi-Monks. A small delegation of the Monks returned to Neocron and set up a base of operations for the Psi-Monks in Pepper Park.

The Brotherhood of Crahn has also been known to be called Crahn Sect.


  • The Crahn Monostary, is also the headquarters for the Brotherhood of Crahn. This is located in Pepper Park SEC-3
  • The Crahn Abby is the new church for the Brotherhood of Crahn located in Outzone SEC-9