Ceres War Soldier

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Ceres War Soldier
Faction combat
Race Human (Human)
70/70 **
Loot <itemdb:link items="976"/>
<itemdb:link items="953"/>
<itemdb:link items="959"/>
<itemdb:link items="962"/>
Damage types

force Damage
piercing Damage
fire Damage


The Ceres War Soldier is a remnant from the Ceres wars between the Dome of York and Neocron. A small pocket of the attackers were left in one of the storage areas close to Neocron, it is presumed that these soldiers are from a more heavily armoured section of the Ceres army as they are all armed with rocket launchers. Rumour among runners is that a more powerful soldier can be found deeper into the storage areas, and that these soldiers will protect their leader to the death.

Aswell as junk the Soldiers will drop <itemdb:link items="786"/>, <itemdb:link items="787"/>, <itemdb:link items="2292"/> and Stamina Boosters of all levels in their loot.