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A grand and dominating building of steel, concrete and glass the City Administration Headquarters can be found in the heart of Neocron in Plaza sector 1.

City Administration HQ in Plaza SEC-1


The CityAdmin and NCPD were created by President Reza in order to protect and serve the people of Neocron. The NCPD protects the citizens from internal and external threats while the CityAdmin plays, as the name indicates, an administrative role in running the city.


The CityAdmin and NCPD were created shortly after the fall of the PSI Monk regime in 2724. The influence and ranks grew steadily to the point where CityAdmin had complete control of the Plaza and Via Rosso districts. NCPD patrols and sentinels could be found throughout the rest of the city as well, but the influence was not strong enough to prevent all crimes in these sectors. Badmouthing agitators would suggest that it is not in the interest of CityAdmin to prevent all crimes from happening to begin with.