City Mercs

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To be accepted by the present society and to improve their status. The CityMercs offer military services, carry out commissioned assassinations and are hired as personal protection or escorts by whoever can afford an appropriate payment for the assigned mission. Basically they have a certain moral conscience, but if in doubt the mercenary soul is stronger and for the right price (almost) everything is feasible. Players choosing this faction will start the game in the military base in the Wastelands.


In 2588, the GenTanks who survived the Neocron-York-War - as well as some humanoid veterans - built a sanctuary (the so-called bunker). This contained training facilities, an infirmary, living areas, a canteen, assembly rooms and a bar. Weapons were repaired and traded in the basement, and medikits and stimulants were sold. The facilities were free to all members of the troops. Under a normal contract mercenaries were obligated to fight until they are wounded. Under the conditions that prevailed in Neocron, CityMercs were not paid killers. Almost all jobs that the bunker arranges for its members were legal. The troops only accepted liquidation missions aimed at criminals or at people who, according to their moral sentiments, deserved to die. Over the years some traditions have developed regulating the affiliation of newbies and the relationships of mercenaries of different ranks (White, Red and Black Ribbons). In 2750 under the leadership of the Black Ribbons, the mercenary troops have good connections to all public institutions, the large companies and the underground. Most missions are based on long-term arrangements and are at most times a matter of routine.