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Faction combat
Race Unknown (Mechanical)
120/120 ***
Loot None
Damage types

x-ray Damage
energy Damage

↘ Tip: If you hear a Copbot shout "Drop your weapon!", holster your weapon immediately or they will open fire.


The Copbots where instated as the primary police force of Neocron. They are not to be mistaken with the military S.T.O.R.M. Bots. They sport an incredibly advanced form of AI and certain prominent units have even taken on human names.

Originally, the Copbots were stationed all across Neocron, but in recent years they have been forced out of the outer city areas by criminal factions. Today, the Copbots only patrol the Viarosso and Plaza sectors leaving Pepper Park security to the Screaming Horse agency. When the Copbots were forced out of the Outzone and Pepper Park areas, the law was radically simplified and all crimes now carry the penalty of death. The means that every Copbot unit now functions as judge, jury and executioner. Upon discovering a crime in action, Copbots are programmed to first issue 2 warnings before opening fire.


Copbots are placed strategically throughout Viarosso and Plaza so that it is near impossible to go anywhere without entering their field of detection. They can however circumvented using HackNet exits.


Copbots act as hostile towards any runner with a Soullight score of -32 or lower. In some areas, a Copbot will interpret a drawn weapon as a sign of hostility and will warn you to drop your weapon and if you fail to comply, the Copbot will open fire.


Copbots are armed with special <itemdb:link items="682"/>. These rifles do no shoot in a straight line requiring line of sight, they are much like the lightning fire which comes down from the heavens as with the <itemdb:link items="1753"/> spells. This means that it is not posible to take cover from Copbot fire. Copbot rifles do parashock on hit.

The Copbot rifle could be looted from dead Copbots in Neocron 1. However in Neocron 2, Copbots will despawn upon death and can no longer be looted.


Copbots are often considered underpowered compared to their DoY or faction counterparts. Often a Copbot will only be able to kill a player in force of their weapon's Parashock effect whereas DoY and faction guards will kill even capped players in only a few shots.