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Mission 1 - Required Rank: */10

↘ Tip: This Employee seems to be randomly selected from the HQ and the Lab zones - you may have to look around!

Mission rewards

  • 200 Experience Points to all Main Skills
  • 2,000 NC credits

Mission 2 - Required Rank: */20

↘ Tip: For this mission, carry with you: 3 x Paratemol Forte from a Medical NPC
↘ Tip: Check center of map for local genrep
  • Talk to Black Lily in Pepper Park SEC-2. She'll take the Parametol Forte off you and you should get an Important Info-Datacube from her.
↘ Tip: When leaving Pepper Park SEC-1, turn right after Twister - she's in the subway entrance

Mission rewards

  • 400 Experience Points to all Main Skills
  • 5,000 NC credits

Mission 3 - Required Rank: */30

↘ Tip: The DoY Bots have mostly disappeared in this zone. Most players should make it there without a problem now.
  • Kill 5 mutant corporals that spawn outside the building.
  • Return to Beckert inside the building at Ancient Loba Village in J 13 again and obtain the Mutant-Implant.
  • Talk to McMillan inside the BioTech HQ and give him the Mutant-Implant to complete the mission.

Mission rewards

  • 800 Experience Points to all Main Skills
  • 10,000 NC credits

Mission 4 - Required Rank: */35

↘ Tip: The easiest way is to go is, to Outzone Subway Station GeneRep (be sure to activate it). Zone into the Subway and take the first ramp on the right coming from the Yo's shops into Outzone SEC-1. Grand is located in a corner near the top of a square staircase.
↘ Tip: You will get a "Mission Objective Successful!" message if the NPC kill is valid.

Mission rewards

  • 1,600 Experience Points to all Main Skills
  • 20,000 NC credits

Mission 5 - Required Rank: */40

↘ Tip: Walk straight out of Emmerson Factorys front gate in I 07 to find a Malfunctioning Warbot in a valley. Another is in the same zone, northwest of the GR. Another Malfunctioning Warbot can be found in E 07 next to the ASG. You can get to E 07 via Tech Haven SEC-1

Mission rewards

  • 2,000 Experience Points to all Main Skills
  • 30,000 NC credits
  • BioTech M.O.V.E.O.N. CPU
    BioTech M.O.V.E.O.N. CPU
    Tech Level: 81
    BioTech Epic Reward

    STR: +3
    CON: +3
    HLT: +18
    M-C: +6
    H-C: +6
    TRA: +6
    FOR: +8

Mission 6 - Required Rank: */45

Mission rewards

  • 3,000 Experience Points to all Main Skills
  • 100,000 NC credits