Fallen Angels

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To establish a society based on independent science that can solve the prevailing problems on the planet through the use of controlled intervention. The Fallen Angels were founded by scientists who felt suppressed by the government of Neocron and restricted in their academic freedom. They established an underground city in the Wastelands and now work on researching special technologies, especially those that will enable comfortable living conditions for human beings under the changed conditions of life following WW III. They are only marginally interested in the politics of Neocron. Players choosing this faction will start the game in the underground base of Tech Haven.


In 2633, 62 men and women left Neocron under the leadership of Thomas Cooper and moved to the Wastelands in order to build Tech Haven. The government, in the form of a council of scientists, was elected in a free and secret election. In the following years, the harsh environment took a heavy toll on the people in the newly-established city. Research efforts were initially concentrated on survival in the hostile environment. The departure of the 'Avenger' in 2654 was incomprehensible for the population of Tech Haven. The prevailing opinion was that humanity should only leave Earth after its ecology has been restored. In 2658 Frederick Lauster of BioTech Industries joined Tech Haven. The living conditions gradually improved in Tech Haven during the following years and many new inventions were presented to the scientist council. Some of them proved to be very useful when Lioon Reza and his troops bring about the downfall of the ruling Psi-Monks, which was followed by the signing of an official recognition agreement by Neocron's new leader. In 2750 the scientist council consists of five members under the leadership of Sylvia Bennet, a biologist. She is assisted by Manfred Goldstein (atomic physicist), Renata Verbenhaig (physician), Edmund Sirlund (human geneticist) and Marian Steiner (engineer).