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Faction combat
Race Unknown (Fire Mobs)
68/68 **
Wealth 2,110 nc
Damage types

fire Damage
DoT Damage



Hopper are Fire Mobs found in the sectors surrounding the Twilight Guardian Canyon. They don't drop Tech Parts.

Where to Hunt?

Canyon area. You can see that the area is around the volcano in the world map. These areas house a lot of Fire Mobs and are very suitable for ground-vehicle usage as well. The use of gunned vehicles is highly recommended, and the monsters do not require to be hacked for loot.

Gearing Up

Fire resist helps here a lot. Various items and buffs can boost your Fire Resist. For example, Inquisition Armors 1-4, Heat Resist Boosters 1-3 and Holy, Resist Potion: Fire and Red Dragon drug, Blessed and normal Shelter. Having roughly over 100 Fire Resist/Armor in total makes the battles noticeably easier.

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