Launcher Cyclops

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Launcher Cyclops can be found in several areas of the Wastelands and make for good levelling for the mid range player.

Some (un)confirmed locations for these in the city of Neocron are:

  • IN2 Industrial A Sector 2 Inside the buildings around the hurler bridge (DOY type)
  • OZ4 Out Zone Sector 4 Centre court, right at the hurler/butchee spawn (old storage)
  • OZ5 Out Zone Sector 5 In a zone corner (old storage)
Launcher Cyclops
Image of Launcher Cyclops
Faction combat
Race Mutant
52/52 *
Loot <itemdb:link items="976"/>
<itemdb:link items="953"/>
<itemdb:link items="959"/>
<itemdb:link items="960"/>
<itemdb:link items="1024"/>
<itemdb:link items="1033"/>
<itemdb:link items="880"/>
<itemdb:link items="867"/>
<itemdb:link items="1782"/>
<itemdb:link items="1780"/>
Damage types

force Damage
fire Damage