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Mutants are a grouping of mobs in Neocron, making good cannon fodder for low level runners in the city and Outzone, through mid-level hunting at the MB Bunker and around I 06, up to high level mobs in some wasteland storage dungeons and at Regants.


Mutants are remnants of humans and animals (from spiders and cockroaches to bio-engineered human soldiers) that became irradiated living in the toxic lands after World War III. Rumours abound on Mutants, from the BioTech employee who appears to have a kinky fascination with them - found in Via Rosso and blackmailed during the Biotech epic, to the behind-the-scenes battalions of mutants seemingly taught to use high-tech weaponry by Regant and incorporated into his army. It is also understood that BioTech uses mutants for medical tests, and the former president of Protopharm was on a mission to 'cure' all mutants through the miracle-drug-gone-wrong Spirula.


A favourite mob for new runners is the "aggie cellars" - low level caves in Plaza containing Aggressor Captains. The nearby Citycoms make missions simple, and it is common to find groups of low level players, and sometimes friendly PPUs, levelling quickly here.

A less well known and used location is the Launcher Pits in Outzone 4 - a dungeon containing Hurlers and Aggressors leads to a manageable spawn location of Launcher Cyclopses with adequate cover.

Should a runner feel like making the mammoth run to the Military Base, the MB Bunker is the widely accepted location of choice for levelling up quickly. Here, the social runner is more than likely to find other runners levelling at the same pace, great cover, and a proximity to the MB base for restocking, missions, and genrepping. Less-well used but perhaps more convenient - an ideal choice for the loner - is the Launcher Spawn in J 02. This spawn point is equally well-covered, and has the added advantage of a Go-Guardian, ideal for storing <itemdb:link items="976"/> gathered from dead mobs. Also, the pluckier runner can take a pop at the odd Warbot, knowing they can cower and hide in the building until they're safe should the Warbot get antsy.

A former favourite for <api:no_index/> <itemdb:link items="1682"/> gunners is the Launcher Cyclops Pit in I 06, where a spawn point of 10 or so Launchers is located around a tower in the south-west. Nearby Chester Lab provides a great re-stock point, and genrep should you be favoured by the outpost's holding clan.


As separate spawn groups: