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The NeXT HQ can be found in Plaza SEC-4.



The re-initiation of the space program and colonization of new planets NEXT Systems Inc. used to develop spaceships for the Great Trek to Irata III. Since the completion of the space program the corporation concentrates on the development of HoverCars and HoverBikes. The subway system in Neocron was also developed by NEXT. In cooperation with Tangent Technologies, NEXT develops combat robots, tanks and other mobile arms systems.


In 2723 Craig Diggers founded NEXT Systems Inc. His capable team of engineers was devoted to the development and construction of spaceships. Nine years later the company became profitable for the first time. In 2733 NEXT entered into cooperation with BioTech Industries, installing a modular system allowing the production of individual vehicles with specific combinations of Hi-Tech components. Three years later the company successfully went on the Neocron Stock Exchange 'Stock-X', experiencing a tremendous gain in market value. In 2747 the cooperation agreement with BioTech Industries was taken over by Tangent Technologies, the company that was newly founded by BioTech Industries this year. Two years later an accident foiled Craig's plan to leave Neocron; he missed the spaceship which set off to Irata III without him, with all his fortune and copies of all blueprints on board. In 2750 Craig Diggers takes over the leadership of NEXT Systems Inc. Again. His only aim in life seems to be the re-initiation of the Irata III program.