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To reach turnover and profit figures as high as possible. ProtoPharm produces most of the pharmaceutical supplies in Neocron. In this regard, virtually everything is produced, from standard Medkits to miracle cures.


In 2646 the medical company ProtoPharm emerged from a merger of several medical and chemical companies. Management was handed over to Jakob Finster, a young business attorney. In 2652 the development of cryogenic sleeping chambers for the 'Avenger' was successfully completed, in 2658 a version for rich customers in Neocron was developed. Some years later Jakob Finster - fallen ill to an incurable disease - entered a CryoVault(tm) himself in the hope of future progresses in medicine. In 2670 ProtoPharm started production for the mass market. Research into a multipurpose medication was pushed ahead, the fruits of which were harvested in the form of the formula for 'Vitae(tm)' in 2678. Three years later cheap generics of Vitae(tm) are supplied on the black market, which drove the company into a crisis. In 2739 'Spirula', a remedy for radiation damage, was introduced to the market by ProtoPharm. After a short boom, things changed drastically one year later when it was revealed that side effects of the drug caused devastating genetic damage on Neocron's population. In 2741, Sandra Frasier, the firm's successful attorney in the Spirula case, was made head of the company. Three years later there is still no cure for cryogenical preserved Jakob Finster. In 2747 the 'Spirula' scandal flared up again when it was revealed that the mutants who were created by Spirula were becoming sexually mature and fertile much faster than normal human beings. They were declared non-human beings by Lioon Reza. Killing them was regarded an act of mercy. In 2750 ProtoPharm and BioTech Industries enter a cooperation agreement.