Tacholytium Titan Warbot

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Tacholytium Titan Warbot
Faction combat
Race Unknown (Mechanical)
Loot Tacholytium Fragment 2
Damage types

x-ray Damage
energy Damage
force Damage

Armour types

Resists piercing Damage
Resists energy Damage


This warbot can be found solely in Gaia Mine. It is part of the Brotherhood of Crahn Epic mission. It patrols in the lowest level of Sector 2 = Mining Facility 2. It is much less powerful than the real level 80/80+ Warbots.

The naming "Warbot Titan" is not to be taken seriously, because it is only level 40/40 and also not larger than the CopBots - but killing it may prove difficult as the CopBots surrounding it are of much higher level, see the mob list below. It does not need to be hacked like the real Warbot.

Gaia Mine home of this NPC