Tangent Technologies

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To prove to Robert Jordan that their turnover and profit figures are better than those of BioTech Industries. Tangent develops weapons, basic technologies for weapon systems and other (mainly military) high-tech equipment.


In 2658 Hester Gabun, one of the managers and founders of Biotech Industries, founded a special department named Tangent. Tangent's purpose was the development of highly effective new weapon systems. Due to the tense political situation in 2722, Tangent Technologies produced more weapons than ever. In 2746 Tangent Technologies branched off from Biotech Industries and became an independent company. Damion Jordan was appointed manager. Two years later, Robert Jordan presented the key to the headquarters of Tangent Technologies Incorporated to his son Damion and retired to enjoy his old age. In his will he stipulated that whichever of his two sons (Seymour and Damion) could show higher sales for his enterprise (Biotech Industries and Tangent Technologies), would inherit both companies. Since then, Damion and Seymour have been engaged in a vehement struggle. The companies' balance sheets are almost equal, but Damion is slightly in the lead. In 2750 Tangent Technologies suffers severely from researchers and technicians opting out and leaving the company to join the idealistic Fallen Angels. This in turn does not really improve Damion's attitude towards the scientists.