Tsunami Syndicate

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To keep Pepper Park interesting and safe enough to keep the district profitable and, of course, to control all established businesses and, if possible, expand. The Syndicate is in absolute control of prostitution, gambling and the extortion of protection money. Situated in Pepper Park, it controls the red-light district and the stores on all levels of the district.


Neocron is not much different than anywhere else. There is an endless chain of fraternization and disputes, trade and blackmailing, arrangement and fraud. That's why in 2750 the 'Pussy Club' is one of the oldest clubs in Pepper Park. It specializes in fulfilling the exclusive wishes of rich men and women and is often the meeting point for conversations that are not for public ears. Absolute discretion is Madame Veronique's credo. Even though Veronique doesn't want to have anything to do with drugs, the Syndicate is far from harmless: Without any doubt, the Tsunami Syndicate belongs to the most brutal and unscrupulous factions in Neocron.