Twilight Guardian

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To overthrow the of Lioon Reza and replace it with a democratic system. The group represents the political resistance against Lioon Reza and his regime. Twilight Guardian is based in a winding canyon in the Wastelands where it plans its attacks on the government. Players whose characters are affiliated with this faction will start in the Guardian's home base.


Twilight Guardian was founded by Reza and Yager in 2722. The objective of the co-founders was to overthrow the government of the Psi-Monks from within the underground. The group experienced tremendous support from all parts of society. The coup was planned for the following year. Lioon, who had become more and more aggressive during the past months, planed to chase the Psi-Monks out of the city by force. In 2724 the Twilight Guardian managed to overthrow the government of the Psi-Monks and to drive the government members from the city. Many Psi-Monks from the former government withdrew to the old Crahn Abbey in the Wastelands. In the aftermath of the victory, a dispute evolved between Yager and Lioon. Lioon publicly declared that he planned to take over Neocron, thus betraying the mutual plan to establish a democracy in Neocron. The next morning Lioon had the CityAdmin building surrounded by black and white robot-like creatures which drove the members of the Twilight Guardian out of the building. Yager could not explain Lioon's sudden change of heart, nor did he know where the strange creatures came from. They later became known as Cop- and STORM-Bots. One year later Lioon had established himself as the new dictator of Neocron. He installed the CopBot system in the city. Laws were strongly simplified, penalties greatly increased. In 2726 Yager, feeling betrayed, knew that he had to start anew. He decided to continue leading the Twilight Guardians and set a new goal; to overthrow Lioon Reza. The majority of the former followers joined him. The resistance was built up again and a modern secret base built in the Wastelands. In spite of several attacks, the Guardian cannot effectively succeed in weakening Lioon's power in 2750. The army of Cop- and STORM-Bots that protects the CityAdmin 24 hours a day is too strong. Yager is now an old man, who feels that his time is running out.