F 12

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F 12
Sector Map of F 12
Faction Twilight Guardian
Outpost Cycrow Lab
Dungeons Entrances Chaos Caves
Other Locations Canyon Reloading Point
GeneRep Yes
GoGuardian Yes

This zone is also a good leveling spot for mid-high level runners. With being a canyon area, expect a mixture of fire mobs!

You may also find the entrance to the Chaos Caves near the Canyon Reloading Point building.

There are also Twilight Guardian Guards in the area. They will attack those enemy to the faction.

Cycrow Lab

Cycrow Lab.jpeg

This sector is home to Cyrow Lab.

Canyon Reloading Point


Here you will find a GoGuardian and a Gene Replicator. This spot also serves as a central area for hunting firemobs in this sector.

Mobs in this zone