Gaia Mine

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Gaia Mine
Map of {{{dungeon}}}
Entrances F 13 Mining Facility 1
G 13 Mining Facility 1
H 13 Mining Facility 3
Level Range High
Boss Mob Malfunctioning S.T.O.R.M Unit
Mobs CopBot Defector
CopBot Renegade
Crazed CopBot
Berserk CopBot
Tacholytium Titan Warbot

Gaia Mine, also referred to as Gaya Mine in some places, is an underground mining complex built within the mountains of of the canyons.

The Enemies

Tacholytium Titan Warbot 40/40This mob is used with the Brotherhood of Crahn Epic Mission. Located within Mining Facility 2 of the Gaia Mine. See maps
Malfunctioning S.T.O.R.M Unit 120/120The boss of the Gaia Mines. This mob also drops the S.T.O.R.M. LASER
Tech Level: 90
STR: 90
H-C: 110
T-C: 79