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Low Tech Heavy Weapons


Self-Constructed Trash Grenade

STR: 5 H-C: 12datacube-5.png

Unlabeled Hand Grenade

STR: 16 H-C: 40datacube-5.png

Trash Hand Grenade

STR: 21 H-C: 51datacube-5.png

Hand Grenade

STR: 31 H-C: 63datacube-5.png

Tangent Hand Grenade

STR: 52 H-C: 85datacube-5.png

TG-275 Freedom Strike

STR: 75 H-C: 102Twilight Guardian Epic Reward

The motto is: 'throw & forget'. Some Tanks earlier did the 'forget' before the 'throw', and paid for this with the loss of several body parts.
When the small charge inside the grenade explodes, the casing breaks into fragments and becomes shrapnel, damaging anything within range.

Street Model Grenade Launcher

STR: 7 H-C: 17datacube-5.png

Grenade Launcher

STR: 23 H-C: 53datacube-5.png

Tangent GL-253c Launcher

STR: 42 H-C: 76datacube-5.png
Grenade Launchers

Most plans for Grenade Launchers found in the Ceres project involved bullet type ammo, where the grenade was first shot like a slug and then a small payload of explosives was delivered. After devising that hydraulics were much too heavy, it was decided the best way to launch a grenade without any combustion was a pneumatic delivery system. He tore apart a small pneumatic forklift for parts and quickly went to work forging the chassis of the weapon. After producing a decidedly large, but functional prototype, the development team helped to refine and miniaturize it until they came up with a model similar to the current one. Since then the only real changes have been cosmetic.

These weapons can be modified to shoot the following projectiles:
Standard Grenades, Napalm Grenades, Poison Grenades andUranium Grenades

'Defender' Rocket Launcher

STR: 34 H-C: 67datacube-5.png

Basic Anti Vehicle Rocket Launcher

STR: 42 H-C: 76datacube-5.png

Rocket Launcher

STR: 48 H-C: 81datacube-5.png

Anti Vehicle Rocket Launcher

STR: 64 H-C: 95datacube-5.png

Ryker Rocket Launcher

STR: 67 H-C: 97datacube-5.png

Judgement Day Launcher

STR: 90 H-C: 110Doom Harbinger

Advanced Anti Vehicle Rocket Launcher

STR: 89 H-C: 109datacube-5.png


STR: 110 H-C: 1206x Made up of rare parts
Rocket Launchers

Developed by the City Mercs and distributed by Tangent, the Rocket Launcher represents the perfect weapon for long-range combat against large targets. Six non-guided high explosive rocket projectiles with a maximum range of 3 km make this weapon absolutely lethal on impact.

Available Ammunition:
Standard Rockets, High-Explosive Rockets, Napalm Rockets and Anti-Personnel Rockets.

Unlabeled Gatling Cannon

STR: 40 H-C: 75datacube-5.png

Gatling Cannon

STR: 63 H-C: 94datacube-5.png

Gatling Cannon

STR: 63 H-C: 94datacube-5.png

Tangent Speed Gun

STR: 75 H-C: 102City Mercs Epic Reward

Tangent Gatling Cannon

STR: 81 H-C: 105datacube-5.png
Gatling Cannons

Gatling weapons are the favorite choice of the Aggressor Mutants. Some scientists even suggest that they are born with them. The very high firing rate and firepower make Gatling weapons a powerful argument in battle.

Available Ammunition:
Standard Gatling Ammo, Explosive Ammo, Phosphor Ammo and Uranium Ammo.

Self-Constructed 'Spraycan' Flamer

STR: 24 H-C: 55datacube-5.png

HEW F24 Flamer

STR: 46 H-C: 80datacube-5.png

NCPD 'Cleansing' Flamethrower

STR: 70 H-C: 100datacube-5.png


STR: 98 H-C: 114Tech Parts
Flame Throwers

The current flamethrower can be loaded with various highly toxic and flammable liquids. When fired, the high compression of the liquid used ensures high efficiency and firepower.

Available Ammunition:
Flamer Gas, Kerosene, Napalm and War-Gas.

High Tech Heavy Weapons


Unlabeled Lasercannon

STR: 19 H-C: 47 T-C: 23datacube-5.png

Laser Cannon

STR: 50 H-C: 83 T-C: 56datacube-5.png

Ryker Lasercannon

STR: 69 H-C: 99 T-C: 68datacube-5.png

Prototype Tangent-Laserbeam-Cannon

STR: 75 H-C: 102 T-C: 71Tangent Technologies Epic Reward

DOY Raygun Cannon

STR: 90 H-C: 110 T-C: 79


STR: 90 H-C: 110 T-C: 79Malfunctioning S.T.O.R.M Unit
Laser Cannons

The Laser Cannon was actually the first itteration of the laser rifle, and after that came the personal defense laser pistol. Lasers first began taking shape in the 20th century as point defense weapons and from there the technology slowly began getting more complicated... and smaller. Today, the laser weapon is usually the first step by Runners experimenting with more technologically advanced firearms. While they are considered the lowest of the tiers available, lasers are still an excellent tool for beginners and experts alike that know the true potential they have.

The Laser Cannon causes damage as a result of the extreme heat it emits. The heat of current lasers is so high that it is able to melt through most kinds of armor, burning the flesh underneath. Laser cannons are able to emit a beam much stronger than that of an ordinary laser rifle. The main effects of wounds caused by lasers are second to third degree burns. Bleeding and other secondary effects are a minimal part of the damage.

Available Ammunition:
Standard Power Cell, High-Voltage Power Cell, Flazer Power Cell and Gamma Power Cells.

HEW 'Slipstream' Plasma Wave

STR: 40 H-C: 75 T-C: 50datacube-5.png

Unlabeled Plasma Cannon

STR: 55 H-C: 87 T-C: 59datacube-5.png

A&W 'Burning Air' Plasma Wave

STR: 63 H-C: 94 T-C: 64datacube-5.png

Plasma Cannon

STR: 72 H-C: 101 T-C: 70datacube-5.png

Tangent Plasma Wave

STR: 81 H-C: 105 T-C: 75datacube-5.png

Tangent Plasma Cannon

STR: 84 H-C: 107 T-C: 76datacube-5.png


STR: 100 H-C: 115 T-C: 83Tech Parts


STR: 105 H-C: 117 T-C: 856x Made up of rare parts
Plasma Cannons and Waves

The Phase-Induced Plasma Cannons use a combination of plasma formation and ohmic plasma-ignition methods to maximize effectiveness. This technique uses particle-charged magnetic field beams induced into existing plasma, thereby multiplying the energy level of the plasma by 3.3 eV. The downside of this method is the relatively low density of the plasma charge, giving it a reduced kinetic impact effect. This however, is more than compensated by the higher energy level of the plasma charge. The intense heat of the plasma (10°6 K) incinerates almost anything along its path, inflicting severe heat damage to its targets.

Available Ammunition:
Standard Plasma Packet, Nova Packet, Heat-Compressed Packet and Radioactive Packets.

Unlabeled 'Atomsmelt' Cannon

STR: 58 H-C: 90 T-C: 61datacube-5.png

Fusion Cannon

STR: 75 H-C: 102 T-C: 71datacube-5.png

NCPD 'TriDe' Fusion Cannon

STR: 87 H-C: 108 T-C: 77datacube-5.png


STR: 107 H-C: 118 T-C: 866x Made up of rare parts
Fusion Cannons

The Fusion Cannon represents the latest development in cold-fusion weapon technology. Originally developed for the Heavy Weapon Support Teams of the City Mercs, the fusion cannon is distinguishable through high firepower and destructiveness. The disadvantages of the Fusion Cannon are its heavy weight and awkwardness.

Available Ammunition:
Standard Cell, Advanced Cell, Cooled Cell and Alpha Cell.

HEW 'Burner' RC275

STR: 61 H-C: 92 T-C: 63datacube-5.png

RayGun Cannon

STR: 78 H-C: 104 T-C: 73datacube-5.png

NCPD 'Special' RC13 Raycannon

STR: 90 H-C: 110 T-C: 79datacube-5.png


STR: 115 H-C: 122 T-C: 896x Made up of rare parts
Raygun Cannons

The Pulsar-Class Ray Gun is a disruptor weapon. Organic tissue is disintegrated on the subatomic level. This is achieved by firing neutron saturated beams at the target. A cold-fusion reactor powers a two-stage tandem micro-particle accelerator, the Synchrotron. The Synchrotron produces neutron (1.7 × 1027 Kg) particles with no electric charge. The output stream of the Synchrotron is guided to the Rutherford chamber by means of focusing magnetic fields. In the Rutherford chamber (a tube consisting of an array of magnetic lenses (AML) and a cooling system) the stream of neutrons is focused, synchronized, and magnetically contained by the AML system. Fired from the Rutherford chamber, the neutron beam leaves the nozzle where the magnetic containment field is discharged, freeing and accelerating the neutrons to 2000 m/s. The effect of the Ray Gun decreases noticeable with increasing length of the ray.

Available Ammunition:
Standard Ammo, Advanced Ammo, Explosive Ammo and X-Ray Ammo.

Unlabeled Freezer Cannon

STR: 28 H-C: 60 T-C: 35datacube-5.png

Freezer Cannon

STR: 44 H-C: 78 T-C: 52datacube-5.png

Tangent Freezer Cannon

STR: 65 H-C: 95 T-C: 65datacube-5.png
Freezer Cannons

Originally used by CityAdmin for crowd control at the launching sites of the first ships destined for the Irata 3 colony, the Freezer fires a negative-ion pulse that is designed to slow the actions of the affected target. It does this by making the neurons throughout the nervous system more negatively charged. This makes it harder, if not impossible, for most neurons to create action potentials for a short time, thus stunning and disorienting the targeted individual. The freezer is powered by a small battery pack, and is very energy efficient. Because of the specialized technology used in the Freezer, it is rather large. A good weapon overall for crowd control, but somewhat heavy.

Available Ammunition:
Standard Freezer Ammo, 'Max Duration' Ammo, 'Max Damage' Ammo and Radiation Ammo.

Basic Anti Air Rocket Launcher

STR: 49 H-C: 82 T-C: 55datacube-5.png

Anti Air Rocket Launcher

STR: 72 H-C: 101 T-C: 70datacube-5.png

Advanced Anti Air Rocket Launcher

STR: 93 H-C: 111 T-C: 80datacube-5.png
Anti-Air Rocket Launchers

Developed by the City Mercs and distributed by Tangent, the Rocket Launcher represents the perfect weapon for long-range combat against large targets. Six non-guided high explosive rocket projectiles with a maximum range of 3 km make this weapon absolutely lethal on impact.

Available Ammunition:
Standard Rockets, High-Explosive Rockets, Napalm Rockets and Anti-Personnel Rockets.