Military Base

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Military Base
Sector Map of Military Base
Faction City Mercs
GeneRep Yes
GoGuardian Yes

The Military Base is a large bunker installation located in wasteland sector J 01 and serves as home to the City Mercs. Various services are provided in the base, such as Medicare, Retail, GeneReplication and storage services.

MB-Trader Room.jpeg MB-Black Ribbon Bar.jpeg MB-Command Circle.jpeg

Runners starting out in the City Mercs faction will have their starter apartment located here.


MB Approach MB Entrance MB Entrance MB ASG

The surface level of the Military Base consists of a Large NPC Tank Park, many Missile Launchers and Communication Arrays. The area is guarded by soldiers of the City Mercs who often find themselves defending the location from Warbots. The Wasteland around the Military Base is home to various types of mutants (who keep coming back despite frequent purges by local runners) as well as the occasional Cyberbeetle. There is an ASG Garage to the NE of the Entrance

Sector 1 (Level 1)

MB Sector 1 MB Junction MB Barracks and Yos MB Gene Rep and GoGu

Sector 1 is the highest level of the Base being located just underground; it is accessed via stairs due to a damaged lift. You will find Gene Replication, Go Guardian services and Power Armour Vendors along with the Booty Bunker on this Level. It is also Home to Barracks 1 & 2, low level dungeons and a brace of All Buying Yo’s Pawn Shop Vendors. The Entrance to the Main Retail Area is also on this floor.

Retail Area

Psi Traders Trade Area Outside Trade Area Inside Trade Area Upper

The Main Retail Area is downstairs split into two with a joined upper level. On the upper level Nomad Traders are permitted to deal in PSI Equipment not usually considered valuable to the bullet-soaked City Mercs.

  • Retail Area 1 is Located on the Southern side and plays host to Archer and Wesson’s Flagship store providing High End Weapon Systems Since 2682, A full range Taylor Biochem and of course ASG’s largest wasteland showroom (please note no ammunition is sold following last year’s negligent discharge incident) along with Barracks 3, a Go Guardian is available outside the Barracks.
  • Retail Area 2 is Located on the Northern side can provide the latest high tech gear from HEW Technology, all the tools and parts you need from Crighton Tech Tools, a fresh new look at Rokkwear and the food court along with Barracks 4, a Go Guardian is available outside the Barracks.

The entrance to low-mid level dungeons can be found between the two Retail Areas on the lower floor along with the entrance to the City Mercs HQ Sector, Contact Personnel and Faction Representatives.
Consider using the Polarised Gravity Fields to travel upstairs when you leave, heavy with your new purchases

Booty Bunker

Psi Traders Booty Bunker Booty Bunker Booty Bunker

If you have an itch that slaughtering hordes of mutants just can't scratch, then perhaps the latest attraction at the Military Base is the place for you. The Booty Bunker offers sensual entertainment 24/7 with unique sounds, along with the dancers you may find some more physical entertainment just make sure you don’t leave with a whole new itch.

City Mercs HQ (Level 2)

Supply Depot Black Ribbon Intel Center Command Circle

The City Mercs HQ is the quiet but intense hub of all the City Mercs Activities, located further underground to be better protected from attack the dedicated faction members who work in these claustrophobic conditions are considered heroes by some and simple POGs by others. Here you will find the Central Offices of the City Mercs, Medicare and Specialist Traders.

Immediately on your left as you enter there is a large Medicare facility with all the facilities to treat a company of wounded as well as passing runners. To the right are the faction offices of the City Mercs where you will find Communication Officers and Assistants who can answer any questions you have about the City Mercs Faction.

Beyond the Medicare entrance is the faction Supply Depot, here you will find specialist traders providing High Level Armour, Turrets and some of the higher-level Drugs that can be so hard to find in the city itself. You can also purchase an Apartment if you would like to make the Base your home. Travelling Deeper you will arrive at the Black Ribbon bar, a safe if slightly damp spot to enjoy a livelier libation than available upstairs and without the distractions of the Booty Bunker. Gene Replication services are available, but patrons are cautioned to pick their destination carefully while under the influence.

IF you can resist the charms of the Black Ribbon bar you will find yourself in the Intelligence Centre, a madding place of static and noise and if you keep going eventually in the Command Circle where you will find Recruitment Officers along with the entrance to Level 3.

Level 3

Sector 3 Sector 3 Missile Silos Missile Silos

Holy shit its bright down here.
Level 3 is the most secure area in the whole Military Base, home to the large Missile Silos that allow the City Mercs to wage war at great distance.
Level 3 is also home to the military industrial equipment that keeps the Military Base running smoothly along with Marcel, Claudia, Frederick, Eljena and Erik.