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Map of the Neocron Outzone

The Outzone is the outermost section of Neocron. Formerly the home of the city's working class and the majority of its population, Lioon Reza's space program left the area depopulated and derelict.

It connects to Pepper Park, Industrial A, Main Sewer, the Wastelands and the Subway System.


Outzone Subway Station

Sector 1

Home of the old Outzone Mall, located on the sub-level of the sector.

Outzone Mall

An almost abandoned mall located on the sub-level of the Outzone 1 sector. It can be reached either via one of the entrances from the Subway station or the ramp in the very north of the sector.

In Neocron 1 times, this place used to be a bustling mall equipped with all kinds of shops, mainly for Anti City factions and those with negative Soullight.

Sector 2

Sector 3

Sector 4

Sector 5

Sector 6

Sector 7

Sector 8

This sector is guarded by Jailhouse Guards 90/90, some of which seem to shoot anybody on sight - faction affiliation seems to be Anarchy Breed. Destroyed CopBots furnish this anti-CityAdmin place.

City Exit


Jailhouse in Outzone SEC-8

The Jailhouse Club houses strippers for private sessions in VIP rooms as well as various vendors.

Sector 9

Crahn Church in Outzone SEC-9

This sector features the Crahn Church and a city exit into Wastelands sector A 07.

Crahn Church

The church is heavily guarded on the outside and on the inside by its Inquisitors = 120/120 APU monks. Not sure if they are aggressive to visitors. Fathner Agnus 50/50 preaches from behind the altar.