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Plaza is the name given to the innermost city sectors in Neocron. These sectors have a high concentration of Copbots and contain many of the Pro City faction HQ's. Plaza 1 is one of the games most popular and oldest hangouts and commercial centres.


Plaza SEC-1

Plaza Sector 1 is perhaps the most populated zone, not only in the Plaza sector but in all of Neocron. This sector houses the Typhera Memorial building containing Genrep, Gogu and Medicare services. The square in front of this building as well as its lobby serves as a de facto marketplace for Neocron city. Plaza 1 is also home to the Conference Center and CityAdmin HQ. Plaza 1 Conects to; Plaza 2, Plaza 3, and Plaza 4 as well as the Subway.

Plaza SEC-2

Plaza SEC-3

Plaza SEC-4