The Three Brothers (B 09)

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The Three Brothers are rumoured to be 3 Crahn Brothers who have been expelled from the Crahn Church.

File:The Three Brothers.jpg
A runner greets the 3 Brothers

They are currently camping in sector B 09 on the road that leads between Krupp Factory and Sherman Bay. The three brothers are called as follows.

These Crahn Brothers are here, because they found out about the direction the Brotherhood of Crahn has taken, reaching perfection and merging with Crahn by merging the best of all beings using genetic experiments. They tell of a laboratory, which once existed, but did by far not have the required security criteria. Some of the beings then escaped into the Wastelands and multiplied uncontrollably. They also report an unconfirmed new laboratory built by the Crahn Sect in the Canyon Area, which they would like to find and destroy. Unfortunately, it seems, certain forces in the city of Neocron actually support these experiments.

TODO Mission:

  1. Talk to Brother Leitus, the leader of the three
  2. Talk to Brother Zargerius, who wants you to prove your fighting power by killing 10 Small Bat (or was it Mutated Bat?).
  3. Talk to Brother Aurelius, who would like you to help him hunting by bringing 15 big pieces of meat. He suggests the local wolves. Also another task, to bring a backpack into the monastery, to an old friend named Registrar Chix Price in the office part of the Crahn monastery = faction HQ in Pepper Park SEC-3 to cleanse his conscience and his reputation; this mission seems to be bugged (registrar does not answer usefully; mission window empty).