Worm Tunnels

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Worm Tunnels
Map of {{{dungeon}}}
Entrances K 10 Tunnel 1
K 12 Tunnel 2
J 12 Tunnel 3
K 14 Tunnel 4
J 09 Tunnel 6
Level Range High
Boss Mob Apparition 120/120
Mobs Soul Cluster
Big Soul Cluster
Fen Fire
Big Fen Fire
↘ Tip: The Appartition can only be found in Worm Tunnels 2.

Lore and Background

The background to the Worm Tunnels is unclear. Both the structure and the name implies that the tunnels were perhaps dug by (clearly far larger) relatives of the Hazard Worms and Sandcrawlers, a species now very rare in the wastes. Rumour exist as to sitings of a far larger variety of worm in the deserts, that are perhaps accountable. Equally, the very nature of soulclusters isn't really clear. The name and appearance is very etheral, but why they exist or why the clusters gather in the tunnels under the desert is unknown. Many runners say that experiences with the Apparition in it's inner sanctum can be "quite spiritual" and popular fiction ascribes soulclusters to being just that - fallen Souls.

Gearing Up

The mobs in the Worm Tunnels deal primarily Energy and X-Ray damage, so spec resists accordingly. Low-Tech Weapons and Fire/Poison damage are also good for this dungeon.


If you're going to take down the Appartition in hope of getting the Energy Soulblade

Energy Soulblade
Tech Level: 90
STR: 90
M-C: 110
T-C: 79

, you should bring a high-level PPU with you. Otherwise, a properly spec'ed runner should be able to solo the tunnels.